• Improve your love life with yoga

    Yoga, an ancient meditative art of exercise that is beneficial to the body and mind. Along with relieving pent up stress and toning your physique, Yoga allows it’s enthusiast to experience a more fulfilling sexual routine. The benefits of practicing stretch far beyond physical fitness. An active yoga work out will improve your flexibility, stamina […]

  • Top 5 most common workout mistakes to avoid

    Come January everyone starts hitting the gym, but you would be surprised as to how many are actually just wasting their time! They don’t get results and give up within weeks of starting with aches and pains. Don’t be one of them… Follow these top 5 tips. 1. Consistency is Key Effective fitness training is […]

  • How to tame your hair demons

    Nothing is more unattractive to a girl than a man emerging from winter hibernation with unruly hair – everywhere. Removing the hair can become time consuming, even painful, but there are gentle hair removal options that are worth, at least, taking a look at to make the grooming process slightly less eye-gouging. Step 1 – […]

  • Urban Survival – Attack a Mugger Before He Attacks You

    Whether you have never attended a martial arts course or a big, brawny guy who just doesn’t feel like giving up his hard earned cash, you don’t need to take every self-defense class out there to fend off a mugger. Here are 6 moves everyone should know when walking home alone. Attacked from Behind: Move […]

  • Top 5 Watches Under £1000 To Invest In Today

    Whether you are new to designer watches or if you are a veteran, these five fine watches should make your heart race. Featuring both style, unique designs, and coming from legendary watch makers, these watches will not only look great on the wrist, but be a great investment too. The Victorinox Infantry Vintage Mecha: Price […]

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  • Male Grooming

  • Save your hair

    Save your hair

    Hair loss is one of the common problems today. It can kill one's confidence to look good. There are hand held devices that can help prevent hair from falling out and stimulate the growth of new hair. Such devices make

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  • Dental White Smile4You Teeth Whitening Kit Review

    Dental White Smile4You Teeth Whitening Kit Review

    With so many teeth-whitening products on the market today, it could be hard to pick out the one that’s right for you. Whether you opt for a dentist treatment, a whitening toothpaste, or a teeth whitening kit there are many

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  • How to look fit and smart

    How to look fit and smart

    Like women, men too are absolutely beautiful. The look of a muscular, tight chested tall man in shape is a beautiful sight to every woman. Girls want guys who look stunning and presentable! So the first step is to

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  • Fashion

  • The Perfect Look for Spring and Summer

    The Perfect Look for Spring and Summer

    When summer is here you would want to shed the heavy layers of your winter clothes and get into your casual look. What can be more casual than a polo, jeans and topped with great looking sunglasses.

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  • Get the look you desire!

    Get the look you desire!

    Not all men are born handsome. Every personality is different in terms of height, built and looks. To enhance one’s looks, clothing and grooming choices can help a lot in getting the right dimension to your personality. Below are some of the fashion tips to best complement your physique.

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  • Mens trendy styles

    Mens trendy styles

    Mens fashion styles and trends draw the same attention as womens. It seems that men’s fashion has undergone a sea change in the recent times. Young men have been taking inspiration from the musicians for their trendy dressing style. Off late guys have been dressing up like urban rock bands with their skinny rugged jeans with flashy tees and sharp toed shoes

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  • Fitness

  • Fitness tips while at work

    Fitness tips while at work

    The modern desk job has led to common health problems like tightness in the shoulder, neck, and back which often leads to fatigue, injury, soreness, and lack of mobility. To ward off such problems keep yourself flexible to make the muscles elastic and improve your posture.

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  • Yoga- a wonderful weight loss therapy

    Yoga- a wonderful weight loss therapy

    The physical, mental and spiritual disciplines which keep one’s mind and body under control can be attained through yoga. Yoga originated from India, South East Asia. It refers to the union of the individuals soul with the universal. It is an excellent weight loss therapy which can be adopted by both men and women. It […]

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  • Top 10 ski resorts

    Top 10 ski resorts

    The best ski resorts for beginners: Soldeu and El Tarter ski resort in Andorra are popular with British skiers. They have a lively and friendly atmosphere and is known for their relaxed ambiance and great apres ski. One can have access to the slopes by modern gondolas and El tarter villages. Beginners can have a safe and fun skiing since the terrain above and below the tree line is best suitable for them

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  • Mens Health

  • Maxi Patch Review

    Maxi Patch Review

    The makers of the hit product Male Extra have done it again. The latest product in male enhancement from these sexual potency pioneers has hit the stores. MaxiPatch takes the best penis enhancing and libido increasing all natural ingredients, and combines them into an innovative new three day wearable patch system. What Can The Average […]

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  • Aloeride Review

    Aloeride Review

    Aloeride is a pill that doesn’t only help you get rid of your unwanted weight, but it can also make your skin smooth, younger and healthy. This product is said to help with the digestion and that is the main reason why it is good for weight loss. It can also increase one’s immunity. Aloe […]

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  • HGH Advanced Review

    HGH Advanced Review

    Human Growth Hormone (HGH) activators have hit the headlines recently, and are becoming more and more popular due to the results of clinical tests showing the role of human growth hormone in our overall well being. What they have found is that our human growth hormone levels are responsible for the ageing process. As we […]

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