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Not all men are born handsome. Every personality is different in terms of height, built and looks. To enhance one’s looks, clothing and grooming choices can help a lot in getting the right dimension to your personality. Below are some of the fashion tips to best complement your physique.

Tips for men with a low built

1) The foremost step is to join a gym to tone up the body. Start lifting weights and exercise push ups. Dont forget to include proteins in your diet along with other foods which helps in adding muscle mass to a lean body.

2) The trick is to make your body look shaped than it really is. For that you need to make your upper body look more muscular. Purchase blazer with light shoulder padding as it will give your back and chest a visual boost.

Make sure to tailor your blazer to your right size. If you are wearing a jacket wear it at the right length. Wear plants with a classic cut with a flat front.Avoid skinny jeans. Opt for trousers with lines or patterns when it is in fashion, as this will add volume to your shape.

3) Slim fitting shirts and T-shirts are not the ones for the lean bodies. Therefore select the ones that are fitted and allow some movement from your midsection. Avoid tops that are too large or which are made out of loose fabrics.

For men with a heavy body, the obvious step is to lose the excess weight with the help of a proper diet and exercise program. Once those extra pounds are shed your clothes will fit better and you will get a sense of self confidence.

Tips for men with heavy body:

1) Avoid tight garments as well as too lose clothes as both will reveal the akward shapes of your body.Wear tops with squared shoulders. Dont wear bold or loud patterns. Wear tops with vertical lines which will elongate the look of your body. Go for dark solid colors.

2) Don’t load your pockets with bulky cellphones, wallets and other electronic devices.

Hope these few tips will help you get the look you desire.

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