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Mens fashion styles and trends draw the same attention as womens. It seems that men’s fashion has undergone a sea change in the recent times. Young men have been taking inspiration from the musicians for their trendy dressing style. Off late guys have been dressing up like urban rock bands with their skinny rugged jeans with flashy tees and sharp toed shoes.

The world is gradually emerging from the recession period and financial crisis and 2010 will be an exciting year for fashion followers. As a young man moves away from the skinny boy image, its time to get into the slim cut look. Classic suits are ideal for the office meetings and business conferences with the English touch and a slim military cut to them designed in modern masculine silhouette. Consider looking for broad shoulders, slim waist and slim trousers.

Double breasted suits are the in thing. The three piece suits are back after a long time with subtle and classic patterns.One of the visual tricks a suit can perform is that the more buttons the suit jacket has the more taller a gentleman will look.

Fashion trends are cyclical and same is with Hair trends too. The looks of the 20th century are being modernized and old hairstyles are back with a new twist. The two main categories for hair trends are Rocker and school boy. The men’s fringe remains a major feature of men’s hair trends in 2010. To make your own style you can play with the length of the fringe itself.

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