The Perfect Look for Spring and Summer

When summer is here you would want to shed the heavy layers of your winter clothes and get into your casual look. What can be more casual than a polo, jeans and topped with great looking sunglasses. Lets check out my a few spring/summer must haves for the perfect look for spring and summer:

1. The polo shirt was made popular by the French tennis star Rene Lacoste and it went on to become one of the wardrobe essentials. It was available in white color only until 1950 but today it comes in all colors from solids to heathered to striped and in a wide variety of fabrics too.

2.Casual belts look great when paired with sneakers especially if they are cotton belt.

3. Denims are a must have for every cool guy who wants to be in his most casusal look. It is available in all styles and fits and its important to find the right pair.

4. Flip flops are another great choice for every spring and prove to be very useful. It can be worn in the evenings and summer nights and give you the cool look.

5. No summer wear is complete without a pair of sunglasses. A must have fun accessory for summer sunglasses can add thye glam look to just anybody.

We already know that denim is a staple in the American wardrobe, but more recently it has become so more than ever. And I realize that with all of the styles and fits out there it can be a little confusing, but it’s important to find the right pair. If you are a little more thrifty, check out my list of less expensive jeans for men. So now there’s no excuse.

I buy a pair of flip flops every spring and I get lots of use out of them. They look great with your favorite pair of jeans and can be worn into the evening on those warm summer nights. Plus, they just look cool and summery. .

Of course no spring or summer outfit would be complete without a pair of awesome sunglasses. This is a must have fashion accessory. The right pair of sunglasses can make anyone look like a celeb.

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