Top 5 most common workout mistakes to avoid


Come January everyone starts hitting the gym, but you would be surprised as to how many are actually just wasting their time! They don’t get results and give up within weeks of starting with aches and pains. Don’t be one of them… Follow these top 5 tips.

1. Consistency is Key
Effective fitness training is not a part-time job, but part of a healthy lifestyle. Sporadic weight training is ineffective. Consistent weight training does not mean working out the same muscles day after day; rather, it means that you work out different groups of muscles successively over the course of the week to hit all anatomical groups as well as to prevent injury.

2. Eat for Nutrition and Energy
What you put into your body affects the way it functions. If you are not eating enough protein or carbohydrates, then your body is going to have trouble building muscle mass and sustaining endurance. Cycles of starvation and gorging undermine health and training, as does food that provides no nutritional value. The basic rule is to eat for nutrition and to fuel your body with sufficient resources.

3. Hydration and Successful Training
Third, water composes over two-thirds of the body. Don’t think you can cheat yourself out of water during exertion. Especially when you are perspiring, you need to keep your water-bottle full and replenish what you sweat. Drinking enough water helps to maintain a healthy balance. Getting dehydrated slows you down, increases your feeling of exhaustion, and even causes headaches.

4. Ease Into Training and Ease Out
The importance of warm-ups and cool-downs cannot be overstated. Warm-ups like stretching and light cardio activities allow your body to ease into training in a loose, relaxed state. It increases the efficiency of the work-out and helps to prevent strain and muscle injuries. Likewise, cool-downs are important for easing the body back into a baseline state. These should not be neglected; instead, warm-ups and cool-downs should begin and end your fitness training.

5. Don’t Forget to Breathe
Just as the brain cannot function properly without a continuous supply of oxygen, neither can your muscles or circulation. Breathing deeply from the diaphragm helps to increase the quality of your work-out. Breathing properly is just as important as challenging yourself with enough weight. Though you may do less repetitions, be sure to lift enough weight, but never hold your breath.

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