Yoga- a wonderful weight loss therapy

The physical, mental and spiritual disciplines which keep one’s mind and body under control can be attained through yoga. Yoga originated from India, South East Asia. It refers to the union of the individuals soul with the universal.

It is an excellent weight loss therapy which can be adopted by both men and women. It is more of a practice than an exercise. It helps to tone up the body and stay in shape. It manages stress, improves flexibility and helps in mental clarity. The biggest advantage being that it tones the body in a uniformed manner unlike other workouts which leaves your skin sagging after the sudden loss of weight. Yoga can be practiced at any age and keeps the body supple.

It involves many cleansing techniques for natural weight loss like stomach wash, lung cleansing, colon cleansing, digestive system cleansing techniques, etc. Yoga involves the practice of a number of postures like Tree pose, Angle pose, Triangle pose, Cobra pose, Camel pose, Aeroplane pose, Wind releasing pose, Child pose, etc.All these postures  help in tightening the abdomen, toning up the arms, legs, chest tightening, thigh and hip toning, waist slimming, etc.

Yoga comes with practice and one should learn to stretch body only then can you achieve the full benefits of this wonderful weight loss therapy.

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