5 incredible tips to be the man of her dreams

Some of you should always have tried to seek the answer to “how to be the man of her dreams”. Its not very easy but not difficult either. If you really care for your girl then here are a few simple tips which if followed can woo her and make her feel that you are truly the man of her dreams.

1) Express your feelings: Every girl secretly wishes for her man to express love to her openly. So say it to her as often as you can. In such circumstances boys try to be funny, say stupid things and avoid, but instead articulate your feelings and express them at all costs. This will surely work out.

2) Plan your date in advance: make your dates special by planning in advance. Remind her often as you can that you are going to meet and how special that day is going to be. The simple fact that you took the time to plan ahead will make her feel happy and nice about you. Try to make your date awesome and memorable by little surprises.

3) Share your secrets:  Do not hide anything from her. Share every little secret with her even though you have to make a confession of your life. Don’t worry about the consequences.  Stop being insecure about your girlfriend leaving you in the middle. If she really understands you, she will surely stay beside you.

4) Share your problems: Find solace in her. Whether you are facing crisis in your professional or academic life, try to share it with her. Expressing your inner feelings and fears with your loved one will surely get you quick relief and will help you overcome the crisis with a lot more energy and confidence.

5) Take her to meet your friends and family: Introducing her to your family and friends will give her the sense of emotional security and confidence in your love.
I’ am sure you don’t want to get too serious too fast, but your family and friends are the ones you spend more time with and they are in a better position to decide whether this girl is the right one for you.

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