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Technology changes like each passing day and market is flooded with cool latest technology gadgets. Lets learn a few of the latest gadgets hitting the market recently:

1) The Sandisk Sansa View 16 GB player offers several features often found in more expensive players. It’s got a huge capacity for your favorite music play lists, videos and more.

2) Palm Pre is a new technology phone which is leading the way for the best alternative of iphone. Palm pre is based on Web OS which supports Multitasking. It is supposed to be the first ever multitasking phone with a fantastic interface.

3) Dell launches a special edition laptop called the the Precision M6300 notebook and is aimed at the business market.The outside look of the new Dell laptop, the Precision M6300, features a “Road Ready” chassis design based on a magnesium alloy casing which limits the total weigh tof the laptop. The hardware department is based on Intels mobile computing platform, the Santa Rosa. The central processing unit is equipped with an Intel Core 2 Duo x7900 which has a standard running frequency of 2.8 GHz. It has a random access memory of 4 GB DDR2 which is fully supported even for a 32 bit operating system.

4) The PS3™ system has arrived to woo you. It has built-in Wi-Fi and huge amounts of storage for games, add-ons, music, videos and photos. Its built-in Blu-ray player shows HD movies at 1080p so you get pristine picture quality. You can download hundreds of games and free demos and thousands of TV series and movies.

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