Urban Survival – Attack a Mugger Before He Attacks You


Whether you have never attended a martial arts course or a big, brawny guy who just doesn’t feel like giving up his hard earned cash, you don’t need to take every self-defense class out there to fend off a mugger. Here are 6 moves everyone should know when walking home alone.

Attacked from Behind:

Move 1: Wait for Crazy Joe Robber to get close behind you. When he reaches for the cash in your pocket, twirl around with an elbow out, raised to strike him in the head, face or throat. Now take the option of running, or a little open-handed smack to the nose (just a little vengeance).

Move 2: Again wait for Joe to get behind you. When he’s in position, drop to the ground in a swift twirling motion with one leg out, striking him at the ankles. A kick in the groin will finish him if you’re feeling frisky.

Move 3: Practice this one before hand if you plan to use it, as it requires good coordination. When Joe is behind you look down to see where his feet are positioned, then throw your head back whiplash-style into his nose or forehead. At the same time dig the heel of your shoe into his shin. Don’t be shy, do it as hard as you can. Remember you’re the victim.

Attacked Face to Face:

Move 1: The one thing Crazy Joe won’t expect is for you to voluntarily get any closer. So that is exactly what you do. Run at him head on, plowing into him with all of you might and knocking him over. After he falls, keep on running.

Move 2: Volunteer to give up your money. While fumbling through your bag, grab your keys in your fist with keys pointing out between your knuckles. Toss your money on the ground in front of you, and when he reaches for it, key him. It won’t be lethal, but it will sure feel like it.

Move 3: Here’s another deceitful move. Surrender with your hands in the air and offer to let Joe have the money in your pocket. Let him get close enough to grab the shoulders of his shirt, and bring him down over a hard knee to he groin or stomach.

You don’t have to know a lot of self-defense to defend yourself. Keep yourself as safe as possible, but if you are ever attacked by a mugger, you’ll know just what to do.

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