5 tips on having a flawless skin

1) You must have often experienced a filthy face with sweat and grime which can clog your pores causing your skin to break up. You can rejuvenate your skin by using an exfoliater or a scrub. It clears unwanted gunk from your face making it look fresh.

2) Dry skin is a common problem that majority of men face. To combat this, eat foods rich in antioxidant essential fatty acids such as spinach and brocolli and salmon which stimulates your skin cells oil production antioxidant-rich foods such as spinach and broccoli can stimulate your cell’s oil production, while the natural fats in salmon help to make hardened cells softer.

3) An adequately hyderated skin is a healthy skin. Therefore it is essential to drink atleast 6 glasses of water per day. The heating system in your home can dehyderate your skin hence look out for humidifiers as a substitute to heaters.

4) Another prime secret to a glowing skin is through exercise. Daily workouts enhances blood circulation resulting in glowing skin. And the sweat which is associated with doing exercises produces sebum which acts as skins natural moisturizer.

5) Last but not the least, long showers tend to take away moisture from your skin. Hence try if you shower more than once per day, try to cut back or keep them as brief as possible.

These are just some of the tips for a good skin and if followed regularly can really make a difference and add spark and youth to your skin.

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