How to look fit and smart

Like women, men too are absolutely beautiful. The look of a muscular, tight chested tall man in shape is a beautiful sight to every woman. Girls want guys who look stunning and presentable!  So the first step is to get that self-confidence. Once you can believe that you can look awesome, your confidence is boosted. You can get control of everything including your face and physique and nothing can get in your way.

Here are some ways to change:

1) Your face is the first impression to anyone. So try to maintain a clean and fresh face. Right kind of shaving is very important to get that smoothness and look fresh. Try to keep the oil down by using a cleanser eachtime you wash your face. Make sure to wash your face thrice daily to keep looking flawless.

2) Teeth has a direct impact on your smile. And smile is the one that attracts a woman. So keep them in shape by consulting your dentist and keep them white by using some whitening bleach.

3) Your hair affects your looks. It is the most important features when you are trying to get that appealing look. Make sure to visit your hairstylist every 2 months to get the right hairstyle that goes well with your face and features. For white guys some nice conservative spikes would do the trick. And for the dusky men, a nice ceasar or fade is conservative yet flashy.

4) Last but not the least your physique reflects your entire personality. One of the most important and parts to build is the neck/shoulders, back, and chest.  However, with hard work, you can build some mass. Make sure you don’t want to have a small lower body and a big upper body.

So go ahead and give it a try.

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