How to tame your hair demons


Nothing is more unattractive to a girl than a man emerging from winter hibernation with unruly hair – everywhere. Removing the hair can become time consuming, even painful, but there are gentle hair removal options that are worth, at least, taking a look at to make the grooming process slightly less eye-gouging.

Step 1 – Exfoliate

First, there is the Smooth Away Hair Removal System. It is a hand-held product that smoothly removes unwanted hair, anywhere. Rub the product, in a circular motion, on the area one is trying to get rid of the hair. It not only removes the hair, but exfoliates the skin in the process. This makes one’s skin silky smooth to the touch and will be something that every lady friend will appreciate.

Step 2 – Slow down hair growth

The next product is Kalo Hair inhibitor Cream. This cream works miracles by slowing down one’s natural hair growth process. This product should be used in conjunction with one’s hair removal process, three times a day for two consecutive days. Next time one shaves or does any other type of hair removal, the process should be repeated. Slowly, but surely, the hair will grow back with finer hair and at a much slower pace. This is another great and painless option.

(Optional) Lazer unwanted hairs out of existence

Alma Laser Treatment is the solution to the painful stigma that comes along with most descriptions of laser hair removal. The technology for this treatment focuses on a different layer of skin, the subdermal, and destroys the hair follicles at the root, while leaving the top layer of one’s skin completely untouched and not harmed. The effects of this process are permanent, though, so if one is thinking of doing this process, and is eventually going to miss their hairy chest, it may not be for them.

Step 3 – Get really long handled razors


Lastly, the most brainless, and still painless, idea is simply using a long razor to rid the body of unwanted hair. Simply shaving always comes with the risks of razor burn and the frequency of having to do re-do the process, but it is the easiest, and perhaps, manliest, solution. The extended razor makes it easier to get into hard to reach areas, such as the back.

It is up to each man to decide which method of hair removal is most comfortable for them, but there is no excuse not to do it. Technology has continued to advance and make sure that the process is as pain-free as possible. So, if you make the decision to be mane-free, pick the process, and it will be over before you know it!

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