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Your hair is one of the assets of your body and adds a lot to your appearance. Here’s how to save your hair by groomingĀ  and retaining them in their best possible condition.

Get some stimulation
Hair loss is one of the common problems today. It can kill one’s confidence to look good. There are hand held devices that can help prevent hair from falling out and stimulate the growth of new hair. Such devices make use of the laser energy to stimulate hair follicles at the root. Weak hair may fall out to give room for the growth of thicker and stronger hair. For best results use it on your hair for a little as 15 minutes a day. However the usage and results may vary for different products.
Nutrition also plays a vital role in the growth of your hair. Diet poor in vitamin B12 or iron may be responsible for poor formation of hair cells. Since hair are made of protein, a diet rich in protein along with a multi vitamin supplement can go a long way in natural hair growth.
Hair tonics can also keep your scalp from flaking and help prevent thinning and falling of hair.

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