Drug abuse

To escape from life’s daily grind, men and women alike have found solace in drugs. They like the way these substances make them feel when taken in times of frustration. When this becomes a habit it turns into addiction which makes life difficult to live without having a daily dose. Gradually it starts affecting the brain and behavior alike.

Common factors like financial crisis, failed relationships, poor performance at work may entice a person to become addicted to drugs. Drugs can be illegal or even which are prescribed by the doctors. People usually get addicted to things they may not think of as drugs like alcohol, nicotine or smokeless tobacco. Prescription drugs can be dangerous if they are abused, or if they are taken more than the doctors advise or even when not necessary.

Drug abuse is life threatening and has to be controlled. Immediate treatment is required in the form of medication and counseling from loved ones. The first step in breaking addiction is to take control of yourself. Commit to quitting. Get the help of your doctor to discuss the treatment program that meets your needs.
Every citizen should realize that drug abuse is a social evil.  It destroys the society and affects the economic growth of the country. By abandoning the use of drugs we can stop its illegal trade and the money coming from it which is used for anti national activities.
The biggest help is at your home. Ask for your family and friends for support.

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