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Yoga, an ancient meditative art of exercise that is beneficial to the body and mind. Along with relieving pent up stress and toning your physique, Yoga allows it’s enthusiast to experience a more fulfilling sexual routine. The benefits of practicing stretch far beyond physical fitness. An active yoga work out will improve your flexibility, stamina and endurance, which will make you a better lover. Through yoga you will find yourself becoming more fit and limber, offering your bedroom activity a boost.

Your sex life is bound to experience an elevation. Working on your hamstrings and quadriceps within a typical yoga session will improve your missionary position by lengthening your hamstring contact. When your hamstrings are weakened by lack of exercise and your quads have grown tight, the muscles are far more likely to produce a feeling of fatigue, while also reducing your potential for sensual rhythms, which are essential when approaching the peak of a passionate experience. You are running the risk of losing the flow, and killing the mood all together. Once again, showcasing the importance of having a healthy body that is capable of maintaining the movements that are certain to keep your partner and yourself in a state of pure sexual bliss.

Becoming engaged in the art of Yoga, as little as two to three times weekly will within a month of diligent practice, not only get you into great shape, but will also get you the opportunity to improve your sex life. As you become more flexible and your endurance increases, you will find various sexual positions far less challenging. From missionary to “doggie style”, your body will become more in tune with it’s own potential for pleasure. Dynamic motions that may have been tiring before yoga work outs, will be easier to accomplish. Get out the Kama Sutra while you are continuing to improve your health through yoga. The importance of fitness is obvious, as we are living in a wasteland of fast food chains and fad diets. These vices to spoil not only your health, but also your sexual performance. Yoga does the opposite.

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